Research & Development

Therapeutic and Technological Development

Our Research and Development focuses on:

  • Ayurvedic herbal formulation
  • Proprietary genetic fractional compound
  • QEAT (Quantum energy activation transfer) technology

A little bit more information about what QEAT (Quantum energy activation transfer) technology… only recently have the functional properties of the molecular field been investigated. Of particular interest is the ability of the molecular field to mimic the chemical field and activate its specific cellular receptors. In fact, three recent investigators have demonstrated the ability of a molecular field to produce the same biological and chemical functions of the parent chemical in the absence of the chemical.

The work of Gariaev demonstrated this functional biological property using energetic information of nuclear DNA. Omura and Rein observed similar results using the energetic information of a drug. Brooks used the information of a chemical catalyst to perform the same functions without the actual chemical. Various theoretical models have been developed to explain these anomalous research findings. The most accurate models are those models that use quantum mechanics and conclude that quantum information within the molecular force fields produce the biological and chemical effects reported above.

Scientists have also been investigating how the frequency signatures of a molecule force field can be stored in various inert carriers. Imprinting specific electromagnetic frequencies into water has been studied most, where it has been shown that imprinted water has altered physical, optical, chemical and electrical properties, and these structural changes correspond to enhanced biological responses. The work of Smith demonstrates that frequencies can be imprinted into water by several methods. Research by the author has shown that non-classical electromagnetic fields change the optical properties of water and stimulate the growth of cells grown in tissue culture.