The phytoceutical product line with fairly high CBD-THC dosages is for patients with cancer and other chronic conditions to be administered under very close medical supervision.

Initial products will include:

  1. Three products to treat skin cancer (melanoma and NMSC), consisting of two topical treatments and one treatment in the form of oral capsules.
  2. One product to support patients undergoing chemotherapy.
    This will treat a number of specific types of cancer in addition to various chronic debilitating conditions. The primary oncopathologies will include Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC), Melanoma and Prostate Cancer. In addition, this line will include products to support a broader population of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for virtually any type of oncological related condition. These products will be administered under close medical supervision.

    GTL is currently working with Marcos Gonzalez of Paradigm Scientific Technologies, LLC to integrate his patented transdermal delivery system with GTL’s topical treatments. This particular transdermal delivery system has the unique ability to become a carrier of any molecule of any size or shape, take that molecule through all the layers of the skin and into the blood brain barrier. The particular algae based polymer has been documented and proven to encapsulate tumor cells and starve them of sugar and CO2, therefore contributing to the actual killing of the cancer.

    GTL has yet to trademark any product names, however, names under consideration are PhytoMel 1, 2, and 3 for skin cancer products, and Phyto- Support for the chemotherapy and radiation adjuvant support product. Phyto-Support is designed to handle pain, inflammation, nausea, and associated symptoms resulting from chemotherapy.


1,000 mg per treatment, topical application. Physician administered in-office procedure. Melanona patients first run is 8-12 weeks during which time PHYTOMEL 1 is applied 1-2 times a week depending on...
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1000 mg (2 capsules) per day. Melanoma patients will take 1 bottle of PHYTOMEL 2 per month during the 8-12 weeks of PHYTOMEL 1 treatment, with a subsequent 9 month...
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