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Dunagiri Foundation

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Location: Ramani Village, Chamoli District, Uttarakhand

Creating a sustainable platform for the preservation of rare and endangered Himalayan medicinal plants through an integrated model of education, cultivation and distribution.

The Dunagiri Foundation for Himalayan Herbal Research and Yogic Studies was founded in 2009 to address the ecological sensitivity of Alpine Himalaya rare and endangered plant species. The story of Dunagiri is a Love story; one between Humans and Nature, and our endless search to restore intrinsic harmony to a desecrate Earth. Dunagiri is our Love story with the Himalayan mountain range, and all the mysticism, lore, legend, and depth that has poured out from these otherworldly snow peaks. We believe that some of the most powerful natural medicines in the world lie in these mountains, and that many of them are at great risk of extinction. Our mission is to make a positive impact in these regions, to ensure a plentiful source of these medicines through organic cultivation, and to create a “win-win” system of sustainability between ourselves, the environment, and the villages involved.

Dunagiri intends to champion high altitude herb cultivation across the state of Uttarakhand and beyond. These are long term projects as many of these rare and endangered medicines take 3 years to cultivate. It is a lifetime project that the team is honored to serve. In that respect, the Dunagiri team has secured strategic alliances with local NGO’s and like-minded organizations to help further the cause.

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