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Meet The Team
Dr. Sharmilla Patil, MD
Founder and CEO

Sharmilla is a trained physician who has chosen the path of social humanitarian, serial entrepreneur and a yogini. Her sincere belief in her products and passionate commitment to creating a healthier, more conscious world has led her to design some of the most effective alternative treatment solutions in the world, for a number of clinical conditions, with a primary focus on Cancer and Pain. Her confidence in these advances has inspired her to commit all of her efforts into improving the quality of healthcare globally. While being a catalyst for humanity to realize their full potential, Dr. Patil brings the necessary expertise and experience to firmly establish GreenTech Laboratories, Inc. in the hearts and minds of physicians and patients alike.

Boasting a Western Medical Education & Clinical Training with over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Patil has co-founded two integrative medical centers specializing in clinical applications of Cannabinoids, Ayurveda and Botanical Medicine. Over the years, 62000 case studies have been performed using integrative medicine practices involving cannabis, Ayurvedic herbs, botanicals and specific treatment protocols. Dr. Patil has also led a specialized biotech diagnostic company and laboratory where she developed specialized bio-immune diagnostic assay markers and phyto-analytics. Additionally, she has consulted for various companies in the pharmacy sector.

In 2012, Greentech Laboratories received a permit for Cannabis R&D from the city of Berkeley, California where she developed a portfolio of over 32 drugs for different disease states. Dr. Patil has also developed an aesthetic product line for different conditions based on the foundational human constitution of Ayurveda and a 12-product nutritional supplement line. During her time in Berkeley, Dr. Patil developed the entire beta platform of agronomy, manufacturing, extraction, analytical lab, packaging and labeling and case study data collection that would later be scalable to a fully functional Bio- Pharmaceutical company. Dr. Patil is also linked to top leading regulatory agencies including the: FDA, NIH, NCI, NCCAM, NIDA, USNCAB, AYUSH, ICRS

Joe Glorfield
Chief Operations Officer/USA/GLOBAL

Joe Glorfield is a recognized leader in the socially responsible entrepreneur and investing communities with over 23 years of senior leadership experience. Joe’s talent is driving strong top and bottom line performance. Most recently, Joe served as President and COO of Mary’s Gone Crackers, a leading North American gluten free cracker and snack company. Under the auspices of the Paul Newman’s Hole in Wall Gang organization, Joe served as CEO of two, year-round, medical specialty camps serving thousands of seriously ill children and families annually. His fundraising campaigns raised a combined $55 million of philanthropic capital and $23 million of bridge financing.

As President of Numi Tea, one of the leading organic and fair trade tea companies in North America, Joe led the team growing revenues by 36% while improving bottom line performance by 80%. Joe managed lending, business development and strategy for RSF Social Finance leading the company’s $100 million Social Investment Fund, a private debt vehicle targeting non-profit and for-profit social enterprises. TBL Capital Venture Fund was an extension of RSF’s commitment to funding and scaling socially responsible companies. As a Partner, Joe served as Portfolio Manager serving on every portfolio fund board. Joe co-founded and served as CEO of the nation’s largest organic beer company, Wolaver’s Organic Ales that sold in January 2010 to Vermont-based Long Trail Brewery. Joe has built a network of other socially responsible leaders throughout the debt and equity worlds. Joe is an active member of Social Venture Network, the largest network of social entrepreneurs in North America. Joe served on the Board for seven
years, two as Chairman. Joe holds a BS and MBA from the University of Florida School of Business.

Will Claren
Chief Logistics Officer/USA/GLOBAL

Dr. Claren has nearly 40 years of management experience in Investment Banking, Real Estate, Energy, Technology, Logistics and Manufacturing. He has served as Chairman and CEO of white label nutraceutical manufacturer- Alurent Health & Beauty since 2011.Additionally he is President of investment bank L.F. Rothschild & Company. Previously, Dr. Claren was President of several software companies with Fortune 500 clients and a regional airline. Additionally, he has provided consulting services to industry giants such as Wells Fargo, Chevron, Exxon, Samsung, Marriot, BMW North America, Toyota, Kaiser Aluminum and Apple Computer. He was the founder of a very early Silicon Valley ISP that assisted PayPal’s initial infrastructure development and has extensive experience in real estate development & construction. Since 1990, Dr. Claren has shown significant expertise in all aspects of private equity partnership formation, from the limited partner or the general partner perspective. He has graduated from Stanford University, Columbia University, and the University of Central Florida.

Sandeep K. Patil
Chief Strategy Officer/USA/GLOBAL

Sandeep has over 20 years of strategic business experience leading marketing, product development, and ecommerce organizations that produce rapid and sustainable business results. Sandeep applies an entrepreneurial mindset to start-ups and Fortune 500s, transforming them into market leaders in product innovation, ecommerce, e-business, and distribution. He is particularly strong at creating the strategy and vision, and driving innovation while also identifying opportunities and mobilizing teams in improving market position. Sandeep’s focus on brand building and enhancing the customer experience, improves loyalty and significantly strengthens financial performance. Prior to joining GTL, Sandeep was co-founder of VAMA, a disruptive eco technology start-up revolutionizing the pest control industry for businesses. Sandeep was also DVP at Sears Holding Corporation where he held end-to-end P&L and budgetary responsibility for the Online Services and B2B businesses. Through his vision and leadership in brand development, cross channel marketing, product innovation and integrated customer experience, he grew the Online Servicesportfolio of businesses over 25% to $500M and the B2B business 2000% in under 2 years.

Earlier, Sandeep was an executive, strategic advisor and transformational leader for a number of organizations such as Accenture, ABN AMRO, Aon, Mercedes Benz, Dell, USAA, and Primetime US. Sandeep holds a BA from Michigan State University and has completed advance courses in International Business and Law from University of Cambridge in the UK. He is also a Six Sigma Green Belt. Sandeep serves as a board member, co-founder and advisor to a number of start-ups and non-profit organizations.

Nick Nikolovski
Chief Technology Officer/USA/GLOBAL

With over 20 years of International business experience, leading organizations of various sizes in Europe and US, Nick is a business and technology professional, with acute business acumen in Technology and Strategy Consulting. He has a proven track record of enabling company’s strategy through technology and organizational talent, excelling at engaging leadership executives to create an open environment for discussion to identify business strategies and goals, and to collaboratively explore viable solutions. Naturally at ease networking and possessing demonstrated capacity to establish, grow and nurture personal and professional networks in newmarkets. Strategic, big picture thinker with a reputation for consistently exceeding revenue and profit goals.

Nick years of expertise has been instrumental in implementing effective solutions at numerous companies, most notably SOL S.p.A – Italy, National Lloyds Insurance Company, Lucent Technologies, Clarian Health Partners, Fiserv, Check Free, MD Anderson Cancer Center and many others. Nick holds a BA from Texas Tech University and holds number of professional certifications acquired during the years spent with Ernest & Young and Capgemini as part of their Technology Strategy Group. He continues to serve as a strategic advisor and a board member to a number of large and smaller start-ups, including several non-profit organizations.

Ankur Jain
Chief Financial Adviser/USA/GLOBAL

Ankur Jain brings over 20 years of business experience in a financial advisory capacity as Managing Partner at Emergent Ventures which he joined in 2016 which focuses on Investments in early stage startups to catalyze actions for a sustainable planet while creating positive impact by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy and finance in over 25 countries world wide. As a co-founder and board observer of Minjar Cloud solutions and Chair of Tie San Francisco as well as co-founder of Vama, Inc from 2013-2016, Ankur has a variety of different skill sets that he bring to GTL. Founding Investor and Board Observer of, Blue Shift Labs and VP of Nexus Venture partners and also VP of Blumberg Capital, Ankur’s visionary and strategy resources lead GTL with innovative solutions to finance, developing new international protocols in capital management.

Being a foundational engineer and product developer at Cisco prior for almost a decade, Ankur brings the technology and experience needed to understand the mammoth size of GTL’s vision. Practical implementation is a key strength Ankur carries in his toolkit. Holding a BS degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, MS degree in Computer Science – UCLA and an MBA from The Wharton School of business in Pennsylvania, Ankur Jain is an asset to GTL. Currently Ankur lives with his wife 2 kids in the South bay.

John Sean Kennedy
Financial Risk Manager/USA/GLOBAL

John Kennedy has approximately 18 years of total experience of financial analysis, providing broker and investment banking services to individuals and corporations as well as institutions.John has been a licensed series 7 & 63 broker since 1998, provided investment advise and has a significant experience by providing value using option and various hedging strategies. He also handled all aspects of initial public offering and filings. In the last four years John has specialized by providing global consulting and advisory services assisting his clients to arrange and structure a wide variety of deals that include large-scale transactions involving commodities, government partnerships, as well as sovereign guarantees mostly with UK. Since 2014 John has assisted developing specialized hedge funds and accompanying corporate structures. John in his free time has passion to help animals and contributes to charitable activities that benefit most vulnerable society members.

Tad A. Devlin and KDV Law
Chief Legal Counsel/USA/GLOBAL

KDV is a nationally recognized, AV-rated® law firm serving the business community in a number of practice areas. Originally founded over 25 years ago as a labor and employment law firm, KDV has established a strong reputation in areas of commercial litigation, directors and officers liability (D&O) and professional liability coverage and defense. The firm’s attorneys are seasoned legal practitioners and litigators who place clients first, think like business people, and provide viable, innovative solutions.

Tad Devlin is a litigation partner in the San Francisco office of Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, a national law firm with a litigation specialization, serving the business and insurance communities. Mr. Devlin has extensive experience handling all aspects of litigation in state and federal courts, including trial, post-trial and appellate practice, as well as alternative dispute resolution. He also has experience with business and commercial contract review and drafting in a variety of settings, including review of and advice regarding ERISA and non-ERISA governed benefit plans (e.g., Pension, ESOP, PSP, life, health and disability, and AD&D), as well as consulting and advising businesses on risk management, claim and litigation avoidance. In addition, Mr. Devlin has handled bankruptcy court matters (Chapter 7, 11 and 13), including adversary proceedings, and stay relief. Mr. Devlin has defended and counseled individuals and businesses in state and federal government enforcement actions in criminal and civil matters, professional liability matters, and financial services matters, lending and banking disputes, construction and contract disputes, landlord/tenant and real property disputes, corporate malfeasance, and enforcement of judgments and debts. He has also defended and counseled corporate and individual clients concerning corporate bribery, improper kickbacks and embezzlement.

Dr. Kim Lyerly
MD Scientific Advisory Board Executive Chair US National Cancer Advisory Board DUKE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY CANCER CENTER/USA

Dr. Lyerly is the George Barth Geller Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor of Pathology and Assistant Professor of Immunology at Duke University in North Carolina. He was appointed in 2008 by President George Bush to serve on the National Cancer Advisory Board, which oversees the National Cancer Institute. He currently serves on the Global Health Sub- Committee of the National Cancer Advisory Board. He has also been named to the National Institute of Health Council of Councils, and the Board of the National Institute Health Office of AIDS Research. He has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and the Burroughs Welcome Foundation. Dr. Lyerly is a highly sought after consultant and advisor and has served on the Cancer Centers external advisory boards for MD Anderson, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, Boston University, and Purdue. He has served as an advisor to the University of Washington, and Case Western Reserve Clinical and Translational Science Institutes.

Dr. Lyerly is internationally recognized expert in cancer therapy and immunotherapy and as published over 300scientific articles and book chapters, and has edited 10 textbooks on surgery, cancer immunotherapy, and novel cancer therapies. He serves the editorial board of 12 scientific journals. Furthermore, he has been actively involved in cancer research in education in Asia for over 10 years. He has research collaborations in cancer care, cancer immunotherapy, and cancer genomics with faculty members in China. He has been a faculty member of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia Clinical Trials Workshop, and has conducted clinical trials workshops in Singapore, China, India, and Pakistan. He currently leads a workshop with the US Food and Drug Administration directed to accelerating entry in the markets for cancer treatment. Dr. Lyerly works close with Dr. Patil, CEO and fosters the necessary relationships on behalf of GTL within the academic and medical institutions. Additionally, Dr. Lyerly provides guidance on regulatory Compliance and Product development for GTL.

Dr. Glen Rein
PhD Scientific Advisory Board Member Chief Research Scientist/USA/GLOBAL

Dr. Rein has a strong academic background at institutes like Harvard and Mt. Sinai Medical Schools, culminated with a PhD in bio-neurochemistry from the University of London, and a post-doc publication on bio-electromagnetics published in Nature. Dr. Rein has 14 years of experience as head of R&D for Estée Lauder Cosmetics with strategic corporate experience in discovering, targeting and applying new technologies and bio-actives for conception and creation of breakthrough personal care products. He has a proven record in directing and conducting innovative, patented/ published, leading-edge scientific research for claims substantiation of new products. Dr. Rein’s cancer research started with a grant from the Cancer Research Campaign in London. Dr. Rein utilized growing human cancer cells in-vitro obtained from biopsies. The focus was on the biochemistry of sulfate conjugation and metabolic pathways. In the case of pheochromocytoma cells, neurochemical mechanisms unique to this brain tumor were discovered.

With a grant from the Fetzer Institute, Dr. Rein established the Quantum Biology Research Lab, currently located in Los Angeles, CA. The lab does pioneering research into the nature of role of subtle energies in the body and offers contract research for clients. Dr. Rein has been published in numerous scientific publications and is a distinguished board member of several international organizations and professional societies. He has lectured in Israel, France, England and Russia on his innovative research. He has also appeared on national radio and television in Canada, England and America.

Dr. Kolisetti Mahendra, PhD
Extraction Research Scientist/GLOBAL

Dr. Mahendra received his PhD in Natural Product Chemistry from Andhra University, and
masters M.Phil. (Phyto Chemistry) and M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) from Acharya Nagarjuna
University and Andhra University respectively. He has over 18 years experience in the
area of Industrial R&D, process development, new product development and operations in the
nutraceutical, herbal and natural products industry. He has published 18 research papers and
holds 6 patents; has been a research scientist at Central Tobacco Research Institute (CTRI), a Sr.
Scientist at Bio-tech Elite Research, Innovations Sdn Bhd, Bio-Pharma Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, and
is currently Principal Scientist-R&D, responsible for Process Development and QC at Arjuna
Natural Extracts Ltd. Dr. Mahendra is a recognized Research Supervisor/Scientist from Andhra
University, Visakhapatnam, (A.P.) and Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar,
Guntur,(A.P). He has extensive technical experience in the extraction process and technology.

Amar Patel
Breeding Scientist/USA

Mr. Patel received his B.S. in Agronomy in 2007 from Iowa State University and has 7 years of experience working in the agricultural industry. In his 5 years working for DuPont, Amar managed a team running millions of samples per day in the genotyping process. He gained invaluable experience in some of the most advanced laboratories in the world defining extraction processes, constantly refining SOPs for greater efficiency, determining necessary DNA accuracy levels, and creating robust assay methods to handle DNA ranges. He received an International Recognition Award for establishing a large-scale recycling program, and was the first person at DuPont to receive a Core Values Award. He is a passionate plant breeder and has created 12 hybrid therapeutic cannabis strains.

Dr. Derrick Jiwan PhD
PhD Genetic Research Scientist/USA

Dr. Jiwan received his PhD in plant molecular biology from Washington State University in 2011. He has over 10 years of experience in generating and analyzing data using next generation sequencing. His post-doctoral experience includes developing techniques to facilitate faster alternatives to traditional breeding and developing genomic and transcriptomic data for rosaceous crops, wheat and tomato, using second-generation sequencing (Roche 454, ion Torrent, Ion Proton and Illumina). Dr. Jiwan has more than eight years of post-bachelor’s degree experience in molecular biology and plant tissue culture. He is proficient in molecular biology techniques, plant tissue culture and transformation using agrobacterium as well as biolistic gun. He is experienced in experimental design and implementing tools and techniques to identify genes of agronomical important traits. He gained leadership, teamwork and communication experience through co-founding Phytelligence, holding presidential positions in international clubs, leading teams in his work environment, assistant teaching.

Sankalp Bansal
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Manager/GLOBAL

Sankalp is currently the Executive Director at the Kairali Ayurvedic Group handling the Groups operations, accounts, finance, administration, IT & human resources. He also takes care of sales for the product division including need analysis exercises as well as putting systems in place to build accountability and making department heads take ownership for their work. Sankalp is also the Contributing Partner with a boutique investment bank Nucleus Partners that specializes in Fund Raising, M&A and JV’s. Prior to joining Kairali Ayurvedic Group he was working with Quantum Leap Performance Solutions, as Business Development Head, North India and Carewell Technologies and Products, Bangalore. Sankalp’s Core areas for performance include: Operations, Accounting and Finance, IT, Human resources, Brand Building and Sales strategy.

Abishek Ramesh
International Clinic Management/ USA/GLOBAL CEO; Kairali Ayurvedic Group

Mr. Abishek Ramesh hails from a prominent Ayurveda family in Kerala, India that is renowned for its great lineage in traditional Ayurvedic treatments and manufacturing of Ayurvedic products. Operational and new business setups are his expertise. In a short span of time he has achieved great feats in expanding and escalating Kairali’s pharmaceutical, training and franchisee verticals as well as strengthening it’s core business of Ayurvedic Clinics. With a global skill set and creative outlook Mr. Abishek has, expanded Kairali in over 35 locations in 10 countries. He specializes in creating, conceptualizing and delivering world class Ayurveda facilities customized from concept to implementation. This includes setting up treatment centers resort or hotel destination and day spa’s and world class Ayurvedic treatment centers. He has established himself as a well-known personality in the Indian and International Health Spa Industry and is the perfect blend of technical skill and excellent business sense. Areas of expertise include: business optimization, excellence in operations and service standards, concept development, brand consistency and corporate strategy.