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India is the birthplace of Ayurveda. Historical records place the origination of the Ayurvedic system before 5000 BC becoming at its inception one of the earliest organized bodies of knowledge and of practical medicinal applications. As such India and Ayurveda form the foundation of GreenTech Laboratories by connecting scientific research and product development to the vast ancient wisdom or Ayurvedic practice.

While India has become a developing economy many people live without basic health, food and water. Our global vision and support of humanitarian initiatives seeks to improve local resources throughout impoverished nations providing a positive outlook for healthy economic development.  To bring about this vision GTL has partnered with the Isha Foundation, a non profit organization focused on binging about a vision of optimized human potential restoring the global community through inspiration and individual transformation.

GTL’s international presence supports cultivation of land and manufacturing of herbal medicinal products that address local and international needs.

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