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Global Headquarters: Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, India |

US Headquarters: Isha Institute of Innes Sciences, McMinnville, Tennessee |

The Foundation is headquartered at the Isha Yoga Center, set at the base of the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore, South India, and at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences on the spectacular Cumberland Plateau in middle Tennessee, USA.

Of all the human pursuits, striving to transform oneself into a higher possibility is considered the most sacred. It is this pursuit that fulfills the purpose of the human form and it is this pursuit that brings well-being to all life. The basic purpose of Isha Foundation is to inspire, to stoke, and to nurture this innate search in every being, helping them to realize the ultimate potential within. -Sadhguru

Isha Foundation, founded by Sadhguru, is a volunteer-run, international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. The Foundation is a human service organization that recognizes the possibility of each person to empower another, restoring global community through inspiration and individual transformation.

Isha Foundation is operated by over 3 million volunteers from more than 200 city-based centers worldwide.

At the core of the Foundation’s activities is a customized system of yoga called Isha Yoga. Isha Yoga distills powerful ancient yogic methods for a modern person, creating peak physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This basis of total well-being accelerates inner growth, allowing each individual to tap the wealth of vibrant life within oneself.
Sadhguru’s introductory program, Inner Engineering, introduces Shambhavi Kriya, an inner energy process that is a simple but powerful tool for deep inner transformation.


Isha Foundation also implements several large-scale human service projects to support individual growth, revitalize the human spirit, rebuild communities and restore the environment. These include:

Action for Rural Rejuvenation

A rural revitalization program offering medical care, community rehabilitation, and human upliftment to more than 2,500 destitute villages in rural southern India.

Project Green Hands

A massive public reforestation effort aiming to plant 114 million trees, restoring 33% green cover in Tamil Nadu, India.

Isha Vidhya

A not for profit education initiative, works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children in the villages across southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Through this effort, the foundation is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and to helping disadvantaged children realize their full potential.

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