Phyto Supplements


The cannabinoid-based Phyto Supplement line has significantly lower CBD–THC dosages intended for longer-term treatment of less chronic conditions.

Initial products will include:

One sleep aid product.
One pain management product.
One product called “CBD Shakti” targeting the Ayurvedic & Integrative Medicine market segment.
GTL’s will focus on defined segments of the potential market by developing pharmaceutical drugs for specific cancer classifications and chronic conditions that cannabinoids have already been effectively treating. Through research, development and commercialization of Cannabinoid Molecules and Proprietary Quantum Ayurvedic Medicines, GTL will deliver novel prescription pharmaceutical therapeutic candidates globally.

This portfolio will include Cannabinoid and Ayurvedic nutraceutical supplements for at-home use. These products will treat a broad range of indications and serve patients with less severe qualifying medical conditions. While we are using the term “supplements” to describe this product line, unlike “conventional” supplements, these formulations include CBD and marginal THC, and will require a recommendation from a medical doctor.

Two of the three initial Phyto Supplements will be a sleep product, and a pain-inflammation and nausea management product. These products contain almost no THC, allowing them to be considered over-the-counter, dietary supplements. These will be branded for the “conventional” market.

The third product, CBD Shakti, contains THC and therefore requires a physician’s recommendation. However, the THC dosage is far lower than the phytoceuticals, requiring far less physician follow-up. This product will target the Alternative Medicine and Ayurvedic markets.


1 oz. bottle, 21-30 day supply based on use. Generic drop PRN. 50 mg per day CBD/THC. Use CBD Shakti Image in Drive CBD Shakti is a broad spectrum combination...
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