Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Humanitarian Initiative

GreenTech Laboratories, Inc (GTL) is exploring acquiring land in prime locations for cultivating and manufacturing natural healing products, and establishing an integrative medicine-based, in-house residential treatment facility and spa focused on Cannabinoid science and Ayurveda.

With ancient history rooted in Ayurvedic principles, Sri Lanka has successfully preserved Ayurvedic techniques while evolving a modern integration of the practices. Approximately 13% of the island is dedicated to the cultivation of natural ethnobotanical resources used primarily for Ayurvedic medicines, making Sri Lanka a rich source for obtaining our raw materials.

The prime location of the nation allows for optimal global export potential. The current position of the Sri Lankan Government is to endorse and provide support to a select group of cannabis and hemp cultivators, manufacturers and exporters of medicinal products. Target export regions that stand to benefit are Southeast Asia and Europe. The countries of focus include India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Albania, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Due to steadfast agreements formed with Sri Lankan governmental agencies and key relationships, we have commenced final negotiations to begin the establishment of cultivation/manufacturing and treatment/residential facilities.