Research and Development

Discussions Concerning Undertaking Clinical Trials

In 2014, during the FDA-sponsored Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development & Validation Workshop held in Bethesda, MD, GreenTech held extensive discussions with FDA officials concerning the approval of new cancer drugs. Side discussions were also held with GTL’s SAB along with NIH and NCI senior staff. GTL has a direct relationship with NCCAM and OHSL (Open Health System Laboratory), to receive the necessary support and advocacy from NIH for future endeavors and grants related to Cannabinoid Science. GTL has connected with several top universities regarding clinical trials for the skin cancer drugs.t

GTL undertakes a significant amount of Research and Developing including:

  • Case studies and all relevant analytical data collection and associated responsibilities to prove the efficacy and low to negligible toxicity of the cannabinoid-based phyto supplement
  • FDA registration and Phase 1-2 clinical trials for Phytomel 1, 2, 3 and the chemotherapy/radiation adjuvant support formulation.

GTL is currently establishing key relationships to meet the market demand and develop the necessary infrastructure. Having collected data on over 62,000 patient case studies, GTL has developed an extensive portfolio of drug candidates. Refining and choosing the most relevant and key medical pathologies/topics will be vital moving forward. GTL’s current products address areas that are not being targeted by other cannabis-based drugs (e.g. melanoma, NMSC, prostate cancer). Using all natural techniques, value-adding licensed technologies, high quality inputs, USDA certified organic herbs and Quantum Energy Technology, GTL will differentiate itself from competitive companies in the marketplace.

Additionally, physicians are educated on specific treatment protocols that work in conjunction with the medicine to improve total health outcomes. This enables GTL to gain a leading position in a newly defined industry of potent natural organic medicine that is ‘medical grade’ that is endorsed by regulatory agencies globally.

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