Strategic Partnerships

Partnership Information

GreenTech Laboratories, Inc has formed a scientific advisory board to guide the company in a number of areas needing scientific, clinical and FDA regulatory expertise including R&D activities, prioritization of products for development from its portfolio of formulations, design and implementation of clinical trials as well as safety, toxicology, design and efficacy studies.

Cannabis Medical Research Center (CMRC)

CMRC was founded in 2014 by Dr. Patil to perform case studies on patients with specific cancers. In order to dedicate all her time to GTL initiatives, Dr. Patil has contracted support physicians, including Dr. Banister (SAB Member) to manage ongoing patient care. These patients are currently undergoing formal treatment from their primary-care physician and oncologists. Additionally, patients have opted for a holistic, alternative treatment protocol that Dr. Patil provides through her developed products. GTL is working with CMRC to acquire patient numbers in order to meet state medical cannabis regulations, while collecting the necessary data to measure positive health outcomes. This data will be utilized in the FDA registration and IND submission process.

Sequoia Labs

Sequoia Labs, a member of the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories (ACCL), is a Sacramento based medical cannabis testing laboratory. GTL has been working with Sequoia Labs for several months and is coming to an agreement on high-volume test pricing, and a general strategic partnership to validate and verify the quality and profiles of GTL’s cannabis strains.


CannaVest and their portfolio companies specialize in providing the health and wellness benefits of products from the industrial hemp plant. Our products feature industrial hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), which is infused into our various products and product lines. This federally legal substance can be used in foods and nutritional supplements for consumer health and wellness benefits, and is also used by the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of therapeutic purposes. CannaVest also supplies high-quality CBD oil. GTL is working with CannaVest to obtain CBD oil during the early stages of operating to assure production of the Phyto- Supplement line, and begin generating revenue as soon as possible.

Propeller Industries

Propeller Industries provides outsourced accounting and finance services for early-stage companies. They are a team of experienced finance and operations executives, entrepreneurs, and accountants who have developed best practices and processes for hundreds of businesses spanning several decades. They have packaged that learning into a cost-effective model that is currently serving dozens of clients across a broad range of industries.

Key Person Insurance will be discussed with a broker in the context of a broader discussion of the company’s insurance needs and premiums.

Lloyd’s of London Insurance

With the exception of office clerical staff, most of the general staff salaries have been included in the operational costs. Therefore, staffing increases as a function of the number of modules operating in a period.